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High rope courses

High rope courses - These are adventurous attractions that allow your visitors to challenge themselves physically, putting their balance strength and flexibility to the test.

These courses have various difficulty levels that appeal to both adults and children starting from the age of 5.

The high rope courses are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with
the strict European norms to ensure maximum safety.

The attractions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes and can be suspended from the ceiling, self standing or supported by columns.

Clients can also select a custom designed theming for the rope courses, an option many clients opt for, making the attraction even more eye catching and appealing to the public.

Below are some examples of both standard and themed rope courses:

Standard rope courses:

Safety innovations:

Improved safety measures for the Ropecourse adventure trails to ensure maximum safety of the visitors.

The most recent improvement is in the strength of the belay bolt mechanism, that ensures it will never break when the visitors are up on the attractions. 

New concepts:

The newest innovation in adventure trail concepts is a customizable tree shaped tower with rope trail obstacle branches around the staircase.


The tree construction can have up to 3x levels and comes with an option of adding a top floor that includes a bar/cafe with a view.

Themed rope courses:


The Rope courses come in all shapes and sizes, from large to small making them suitable for many businesses e.g.:

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