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Special themed attractions

You think of a theme - We will create it!

Looking for a cool new attraction? how about a pirate ship?  party boat? castle? a submarine?

Think as creatively as you want, we will make an artist impression according to your demands.

The attraction will then be sculptured and painted manually by our artists to provide you with a truly unique product.

Our attractions include slides and different spray elements and are available in different sizes and specifications.

The themed attractions are all made of polyester with anti-slip.

The design, manufacture and installation of our attractions are all in accordance with the EN-1069 standard.

Check out our artist impressions!

* Our most popular theme *

Themed ships

The ships are designed according to the wishes of our clients.

Here are three examples of ship sizes that are available, however, we can make the ships in any size/shape imaginable.

Large (Approx. 17.5 m):

- 8 Slides of different types

- Tipping bucket and a variety of spray elements

Medium (Approx. 10.5 m):

- 5 Slides of different types

- Tipping bucket and a variety of spray elements

Small (Approx.  4 m)

- 1 Slide

- A variety of spray elements

ZP 902.jpg

Select the size best suited for you and give send us your theme of choice and we will get back to you with a design as soon as possible.

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