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Fun Walls

Fun Walls - Design and special climbing experiences are what our fun walls are all about.

They allow you to offer your customers hours of fun and include several unique attractions (besides climbing walls) that test different human instincts.


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  • Fun walls are suitable for all ages

  • Fun walls are suitable for outdoor/indoor purposes

  • New user safety innovations (see below)

Safety innovations:

Walltopia keeps innovating improved safety measures for the Fun Walls to ensure maximum safety of the visitors. The most recent innovations are:



The OnBelay Device is Safety Engineering’s response to managing risk and reducing operational costs in climbing gym centers.

The OnBelay is a hydraulic automatic belaying device that eliminates the need for a belayer.

The device automatically retracts the cable during ascent and controls the speed during descent or in the case of a fall.



The Self Belay is an innovative climbing connector, which increases safety in climbing and adventure centers by allowing users to climb only when they are properly attached to the device.


The connector cannot be opened accidentally or on purpose during climbing - users can connect to and disconnect from the device only when they are on the ground.


The Self Belay not only contributes to climbing safety, but also helps operations by reducing the number of required staff members.

Fun walls come in all shapes and sizes, from large to small making them suitable for many businesses e.g.:

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