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 Wavesurfer - is one of the most popular attraction in the aquatic leisure market at the moment.

Wave-Surfer pools are available in various sizes - single, double, triple, extreme and other custom designs.


The attraction is suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes and are suitable for various leisure businesses such as:

  • waterparks, theme parks, malls, sport centers, beaches and other entertainment centers.

The attraction can accommodate various business models to create income for example:


  • a surfing school, surfing shows in theme parks/bars/cafes, water sports attraction on beaches and sporting schools and much more.

There are several advantages in choosing the Wave-Surfer product:

  • The Wave-Surfer surfing attractions require substantially less electrical power to operate than other surfing simulators that are available in the aquatic leisure market.

  • Wave-Surfer surfing surfaces are wider and longer and wider nozzles to allow users to surf along the entire surf-surface.

  • A larger wipe-out zone for a softer landing.

  • More durable surf-surface material that requires less maintenance.

  • Easier access to pumps for maintenance.

  • Simple concrete pool construction.

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