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Water spray decks & Elements

A unique experience for families & kids

Spray decks are a great way to add spectacular water play features to any pool.


Combining several of those features together to create a spray park will give your visitors a great activity where they can play with the spray elements for hours.


Spray elements can also be added to pools with water playgrounds to create a water play area with all the activities necessary to entertain children.

These include:


  • Jumping water jets

  • Water guns

  • Tipping bucket

  • Spray arcs

  • Spray orbs

  • Water curtains

  • Waterfalls

  • And more…

The elements are made of stainless steel and painted in the oven.

Some elements also combine polyester sections.

You can select from a wide range of RAL colors.

* Special *

You can add any theme imaginable to the various spray elements we offer.

          Check out our theming

* New *

Themed showers

Themed showers are another great feature that you can use to make your park much more unique.

Put them at the entrance to your themed pool/wavepool, etc...

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