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About us

We customize everything

Pro-Attractions are a water & dry attractions supplier that specialize in creating the ultimate entertainment platforms for hotels & resorts, waterparks, malls and other entertainment centers, that allow them to attract people of all age groups.


Founded in 1991 our company offers many years of experience in planning, design, manufacture, supply, installation and project guidance in many projects around the world, introducing new innovations and high-quality water attractions.


Our vast experience allows us to find creative engineering solutions for our clients that will allow them to find the space to set up an attraction when they were not sure it was possible.


Our company vision believes in offering great, reliable and fast service to our clients, assuring that the design, planning, manufacture and installation processes will become more transparent and accommodating for them.


From start to finish, our products are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in our factories in The Netherlands and in accordance with the strict European NEN-EN standards to allow for quality and safe products which you expect from us.


Our products comply with the following standards:


  • NEN-EN 1069:2017 – Water slides

  • NEN-EN 1176:2017 – Playground equipment

  • NEN-EN 12100:2017 – Safety requirements for machinery

  • NEN-EN 1461:2009 – Hot dip galvanization


Our company has participated in projects in over 20 countries world wide.

We created a reputation as a company that can identify the best possible attractions that match our clients' space, wishes and budget, while maintaining a high level of quality control and communication with the clients' architects/engineers and always making sure we stay on schedule.

Our products  can be custom made according to the wishes of our clients so that they can have the flexibility to be as creative as they want with their planning.

We are looking forward to making you wishes come true!

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