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Customized toddler attractions

A unique experience for families & kids

Customized toddler attractions add more depth to children play areas.

They add a lot to the imagination of the toddlers that come to experience your toddler pool or spray park.

Our toddler attractions are made of about 8 mm thick polyester and are sculptured by our team of artists and engineers into any theme you can imagine.

You can get toddler slides and themed spray elements seperately, or have your own custom designed pool.

Click on the slide show to enlarge!

Toddler pools & themed spray parks

Toddler pools are a great way to integrate your parks' theme into a fun and interactive experience for kids and families.


Don't have a theme?

Let us create one for you!

Toddler slides

Already have a toddler pool but want to add more fun for the kids and for a decent price?


Our toddler slides are the perfect solution.

With many existing designs or custom made according to your wishes.

Themed spray elements

If you are interested in water spraying elements, you can select one of our existing designs, or we can create your own unique custom designed element.

Check out other types of spray elements that can be themed 

Artist impressions

When you choose to have a pool/slide/spray element custom designed according to your whishes, we create an artist impression to show you how your attraction looks.

The final artist impression will be sent down for production where our artists will create an identical fiberglass sculpture of the attractions shown in the artist impressions. 

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