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Standard Playgrounds

About our playgrounds

Water playgrounds are one of the best family attractions, since they offer a large variety of fun elements and activities for the users.

Our playgrounds can be custom designed; come in different shapes, sizes and with different spray elements according to our clients' specifications.

You can also select from our standard models that come in all RAL colors or themed according to our clients’ wishes with a durable polyurethane coat.


The water playgrounds includes:

- Water slides of different types

- Large/small tipping bucket

(big bucket dropping lots of water)      

- Water curtains

- Crawl tunnel

- Water falls

- Water guns

- Water sprayers    

- Swing

- Rail sprayer

- and much more

 Check out our special custom theming for playgrounds

WPG model 1522

WPG model 1218

WPG model 88

WPG model 86

WPG model 1223

WPG model 1010

WPG model 87

WPG model 55

Playground specifications

All playgrounds are designed, Manufactured and installed in accordance with the EN 1069:2010 standard and come with high quality polyester parts and a steel frame executed in the material quality S235 JRP as stipulated in EN 10025 and is hot dip galvanized in accordance with the NEN-EN1461:2009 standard. The fitting materials are made of T.V. 8.8 steel and stainless steel.

Custom playgrounds

We can create custom designed playgrounds  in all sizes, slide types and spray elements according to our clients' specifications and area requirements.

Check out our MEGA size playground

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